1967 War and Iranian Revolution

The Iranian revolution is a movement that caught the whole world by surprise. It took place in the year 1979. The revolution was being supported by the United States and other Islamic Organizations. This revolution is also referred to as the Islamic Revolution. During this time, Iran operated as a monarchy called the Pahlavi dynasty. Its leader at that time was Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. His leadership was deemed as oppressive and very extravagant. Though it was said to be religious, it promoted secular elements like smoking, drinking and gambling. The Pahlavi dynasty was also being accused of enlarging the gap between the rich and the poor. It was in favor of the rich people and mostly oppressed the poor. These were the major problems that brought about attempts to overthrow Reza’s government. Many groups were in support of the revolution and eventually, Khomeini Ruhollah came into power. The dynasty was replaced with the Islamic Republic.

Background about the Revolution

With time, the Shah regime became so much hated. It was criticized for being brutal, oppressive and corrupt. The people also felt that the leadership had failed and that is the reason many people were poor and only very few were growing filthy rich. The economy was going down. There were many shortages being experienced and the inflation was rising so high. The regime was marked with many functional failures. Many other people accused the regime of being used by the United States government. People believed that it was being used to fight against Islamic. This was directly affecting the culture of Iran. The Iran people thought that they were being deprived their right to think autonomously. Many people felt that their rights were being interfered with. This led to begin of some revolts in Iran. The revolts were being influenced by the problems that the people were facing. They were also greatly affected by the Kurdish revolt.

After the Revolution

After the revolution, the Provisional Central Committee was formed to run all the activities and functions of Iran. The committee was under the leadership of Abdal Rahman. It advocated for autonomous thinking and self-governance. The congress made slogans that were aimed at promoting the fundamental values of the new government. Things did not look bright and within no time people started feeling different about the new regime. There were fresh revolts. This Islamic Revolution was not seen as delivering its promises as the people expected.

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