Writing Fundamentals: The Best Way To Start A Persuasive Essay

If you are to write a persuasive essay for your school, you need to understand the purpose and strategy of one. A persuasive essay is the type of paper where the writer has to convince his audience of his ideas and opinions based on strong logic and facts. You cannot persuade your readers of your stance as long as you do not have valid and authenticated facts and data to prove it. The must do in a persuasive assignment is to choose a subject and take a stance on it. You may talk for or against on your topic based on the stance you have picked. This will help you stay on the same direction and maintain uniformity in your paper.

When you are to start a persuasive assignment, you should keep in mind that starting your paper does not only mean writing. You need much more than only writing skills to complete an effective persuasive paper. You must be able to gather enough evidence and logic to convince the readers of your ideas. This is more like a speech you have for or against any topic. You do not only need good communication skills to persuade the audience but also a good hold of the subject you are talking about.

Consider the following example to understand properly

If you are about to create an argumentative essay about junk food and obesity, you take a stance against it and try to convince your readers that it is bad for children and adults both. Look at the statements below and decide which one is more convincing

  1. Obesity, in my opinion, is causing serious problems for a lot of students and youngsters
  2. In America, more people die of obesity every year than starvation
  3. 64% of the people in developed countries face serious obesity issues

You can decide which of the above statement looks more promising. The first statement is only your opinion and does not have any strong back up in form of a fact or concrete example. This is not a good reason for people to agree to your ideas. The second statement in the paper gives a stat about the United States of America, looks more convincing, and thought provoking. This is a good fact to use in your paper. The third statement is a fact and will be most convincing for your audience

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